People Populations and Pimples

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May 2016 a.d. (7525 Byzantine plus months 03 and days nights 04 _ 10.6 LDT/20
A people individual is conditioned dependant. Needing a place, needing food and drink, and needing a permit to live. Advantaged groups of people denying a people individual a permit to live. A reaction of an individual denied. eof


interactivity cities

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movie 01:20:00 THE HAPPY CITY visual

THE HAPPY CITY at when this was presented initially

USE AT YOUR RISK; do not use abusively.
90,001,037,521+01=16_13.1 LDT/20
The movie E3MW-TM THE HAPPY CITY 01:20:00 was posted at free for the poor no money or Yearly Gross Value (YGV) less than $4,000 and a pay for view download .zip file with conditions for those with YGV more than $4,000. An examination of city problems. An individual at city looking at buildings and places the individual does not own with complications of what can be videoed? A must see video for community planners, future planners and those affected of the planners. Limited Time Offer may expire with no notice.

90,001,037,520+09=27_14.6 LDT/20

90,001,037,520+01_07.8 LDT/20

A clumination of a prior year, and progression to a new year, dates and numbers, counting.  Counting each day and each night, instead of merely existant.  Greetings new year and world, and cosmologies.  A summer of 6 months, and then winter 6 months, and then the next year 90,001,037,521.  If.

The accessed this amongst a fictional context imaginary, accessed to develop explore present.

We thusly accessed have intentions when this was composed to utilize as a interactive viewer participation to explore the concepts of building constructing a place and places at the world for individuals to exist at, hopefully enjoying each day and each night, and enjoying having fun building modifying and subsequently enjoying what was built as living at the places a times, perhaps departing abandoning the places and continuing at various additional places at the world.  The name usage of letter symbols contrived presented as interactivity cities. was initiated the previous night of this composing date: 90,001,037,519 + 09 + 28 _13.4 LDT/20 with KMPTR16 participating and additional kuhmputuhrz enroute, and of the man named ATZE-TM b.

BUILDING PERMIT APPLICATION 90,001,037,519+09+28_13.4 LDT/20




interactivity cities membership application 90,001,037,519+09+28_13.6 LDT/20

Applicant’s Name:

Applicant’s Secondary Name (if applicable):

Applicant’s Age:

Applicant’s Social Security Number:

Applicant’s Verifiable Contact Address:

Date of application submitted:

Individuals, essences, phenomena, substances, places, desiring to participate as a member existant but not with the Interactivity cities application for membership requested data info are considered eligible as a Initial interested conditional limited participant subjected to imposed conditions restricting participations with benefical aspects evaluated and with no compensations for participating.  Example: an essence phenomena phenowomenal individual perhaps as a ghost breeze spirit blowing off construction supplies off a delivery truck intending to participate is evaluated with angers and reactions condemnation for ever and all future or past previous times.  The impulsive angry reaction is temporary restrictive as an instance; if the breeze ghost spirit continues participating with conducive appreciative enactions benefiting the projects and all involved results with a diminishing of the angry reaction as progress with the projects continue.